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ponedeljak, 19 jun 2017

Launch of International Competition Rethinking the Somes River, Cluj-Napoca, Romania


The Architects’ Chamber of Romania, in partnership with its Transylvania Territorial Branch, announce the launch of the International Design Competition Rethinking the Someș River. The competition promoter is the City Hall of Cluj-Napoca, Romania.The aim of the contest derives from the need to reconsider the presence of the Someşul Mic River in the future development of the city, as a result of the present insufficient uses of the of the river’s potential for the city, its inhabitants and visitors. Project submission deadline: 25th September 2017,16.00 h. (EET)

More information can be found in the enclosed Press Release and on the Competition web-page:

Competition email:


Press Release_ Intl. Competition Rethinking the Somes River_19 06 17.pdf

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