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Reprezentativno udruženje u kulturi
na teritoriji Republike Srbije , na osnovu Zakona o kulturi i rešenju Ministra kulture,informisanja i informacionog društva

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UdruženjE Arhitekata SrbijE - Reprezentativno udruženje u kulturi Republike Srbije

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utorak, 06 avgust 2013



Mr. Igor Maric

Istanbul, 1 August 2013
09/ 4430

Dear Mr President,

I draw all my attention to your letter dated on 2nd July 2013. First of all, I would like to mention that I fully support your efforts on establishing the Chamber of Architects of Serbia.
Chambers are crucial in a sense that fulfilling the shared needs of those belonging to a particular profession, facilitating professional activities, helping the development of the profession in accordance with the general interests of the profession, protecting professional discipline and ethics by ensuring that honesty and trust are dominant in the relationship between professionals themselves as well as professionals and individuals.
From this point of view, the primary objectives of the Chambers are;
a) To facilitate activities within the profession that reflect both national and public interests and international developments; to monitor, determine, and assess the changing position of the profession and its members within the context of social and economic developments; to regulate the duties, powers and responsibilities of the profession and its members; to monitor and facilitate the development of the profession at the national and international levels.
b) To oversee the maintenance and protection of professional discipline and ethics as well as the rights of its members.
c) To facilitate various activities which enhance the practical and theoretical aspects of the profession in collaboration with official and private institutions at the national and international levels; and to oversee professional supervision through analyses of relevant scientific and technical documents.
d) To ascertain and analyze materials concerning professional standards, norms, regulations and technical specifications in relation to the practice of architecture and to make necessary recommendations accordingly.
e) To contribute to the development of professional education and training in collaboration with educational institutions.
f) To facilitate professional solidarity and to discourage unfair competition among members.
g) To facilitate the protection and development of the culture of architecture and to encourage other successful activities toward this end.
I find it very important to have solidarity between regional sections, therefore you may kindly find attached the regulations of CAT and CAT booklet as an example within this establishment period. Architectural Chambers are indispensable guarantees of the profession, democracy, quality of life and public sake. I would like to respecify that, on behalf of UIA, I am strong for the procedure of the establishment of Chamber of Architects of Serbia. If you need any further assistance please do not hesitate to contact me.

With my kindest regards,

Deniz İncedayı

UIA- Vice-President - Region II




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